Too amusing not to post

After an interesting 12 months, in which I moved to Microsoft and then re-joined Adobe as a Platform Evangelist, the badge I received for Microsoft’s MIX event in the UK brought together everything on a single bit of plastic… it made me smile anyway so thought I’d share the moment.

Microsoft MIX UK Pass

I’m sure there will be some familiar faces at MIX UK next week from the Flash community – if you’re planning to write up your take on the event let me know so I can link to your post.

It will be good to catch up with some of the agencies I worked with to see if and how they’ve leveraged SilverLight 1.0 and get their thoughts on recent Adobe announcements regarding H.264 video support and how that changes the landscape for distributing video on the web again.

BTW, after spending the last week with some the product teams, talking about what’s coming down the line from Adobe I’m very excited to be back 🙂 The announcements and sneaks lined up for MAX are impressive – to get the full lowdown make sure you’re signed up for MAX Europe.

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