Reasons to be at MAX Europe #1: Adobe speakers

In a series of posts over the next couple of weeks I’m going to highlight some of the reasons why you should be attending MAX Europe in Barcelona from October 15 -18th.

In this the first post, I’d like to highlight some of my colleagues at Adobe who will be coming to speak at the first ever MAX Europe event.

With dozens of Adobe speakers flying in from San Francisco and San Jose, alongside those based in Europe, MAX Europe will provide a great opportunity to see members of the evangelism and product teams present, for you to ask questions at the ‘Meet the Teams’ evening and interact during the ‘Birds of a Feather’ sessions.

I can’t name everyone here, so I’ll highlight some people who I’m sure you’ll recognise:

From the Platform Evangelism team: Mike Downey, Ben Forta, Kevin Hoyt, Duane Nickull, Danny Dura and Ted Patrick.

From the Product teams: Lori DeFurio (Acrobat), Bill Perry (Mobile), Greg Rewis (CS3), Matt Chotin (Flex), Ely Greenfield (Flex), Kevin Towes (FMS), Jen Taylor (Flash) and Adrian Ludwig (AIR).

From Adobe Consulting: Alistair McCleod, Steven Webster, Ty Lettau and Andrew Lin.

We’re all ears for feedback on our current products and future plans and so I know the people listed above will be looking forward to engaging one to one with you at MAX Europe.

Reminder: Register by 14th September 2007 using the code ECM297 and the price is 500 euros (+ 16% tax).

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1 Response to Reasons to be at MAX Europe #1: Adobe speakers

  1. Big Mad Kev says:

    Great list of names there Andy, Hope to get as many over at 😉 See you there and there.

    May the Scotch Be With You 😉

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