Reasons to be at MAX Europe #2: Inspire sessions

In addition to the Adobe people I mentioned that are coming out to Barcelona, there will also be a some well known names from the Flash/Web/Design/Development community speaking at MAX Europe in a series of “Inspire” sessions.

Each of these sessions will provide an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by individuals who have made a significant contribution to our community.

We’re still working on the details for some additional sessions, but we’ve already announced that Grant Skinner, Aral Balkan, Erik Natzke, Sean Corfield, Owen van Dijk, Rick Treitman, Dr Woohoo, Mario Klingemann and Carlo Blatz will be presenting.

Session descriptions are listed on the MAX Europe website (page search for ‘INSPIRE’), but I’ve highlighted the titles of each session below:

  • Grant Skinner – 50 Reasons AS3 Rocks
  • Erik Natzke – Beyond the Knowledge; The Art of Playing
  • Sean Corfield – Design Patterns and ColdFusion
  • Owen van Dijk – Interactive Video
  • Rick Treitman – Making Buzzword
  • Aral Balkan – Rediscovering Fun
  • Dr Woohoo – SWF Panels in CS3
  • Mario Klingemann – The Blind Sketchmaker – Exploring evolutionary and generative art with Flash
  • Carlo Blatz – Flash vs AJAX – The best of both worlds

I hope you can be in Barcelona to see these ‘Inspire’ sessions in person 🙂

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