Win a MAX Europe pass everyday next week

Yes, next week I’ll be giving away full conference passes to MAX Europe here on my blog – in addition, one winner will also get their flights and hotel accommodation paid for!

First things first – this competition will be open to UK and Irish residents only. Sorry if that excludes you – there are some other competitions running elsewhere in Europe so keep an eye out for those.

Here’s how it is going to work:

  • Each day next week I’ll post a link to a site where you will need to answer a question and provide your contact details.
  • Each day one winner will be randomly selected
  • If you win on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you will win a full conference pass AND your choice of either a copy of Flex Builder or a copy of Flash CS3.
  • If you win on Friday you will receive a full conference pass, return economy flights and accommodation at one of the designated MAX hotels.
  • Each daily winner will be announced on my blog the following day

This is a summary of how the competition will work – full competition rules and conditions will be posted next Monday.

Make sure you check my blog each day next week for the question and the chance to WIN 🙂

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6 Responses to Win a MAX Europe pass everyday next week

  1. “there are some other competitions running elsewhere in Europe so keep an eye out for those.” – Where??? 😀

  2. Hi Andrew, were can we find where other competitions are running? is there a country list?

  3. Can’t wait to enter this, my employer won’t pay for me to go so hopefully i’ll be lucky. Just to find out what Thermo is all about!

  4. When I blogged yesterday I thought the French competition at was still running, but I think it may have closed just recently. I will see if I can find details about any other MAX Europe competitions and post here.

  5. Chris Dawes says:

    I could only wish apon this sort of competition being run in Australia. Oh well… maybe one day they’ll move the conference to somewhere a little more central in the world… but then again, it’s an American company and an American conference…

  6. Hi Chris,

    We’ve made a great start on globalising MAX – rather than just a US event this year, we’ve also got an event in Barcelona and Tokyo! Who knows where we’ll be next year, but I’ll pass your feedback to the MAX team.



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