MAX Europe BOF sessions

We’ve now got a list of Birds of a Feather sessions which will take place on Monday night at MAX Europe.

We’ve probably got room for one more BOF session – so if you’d like to kick-start a discussion around a topic go to the Max Europe BOF list and post your suggestion today.

The sessions that have been proposed and accepted are as follows:

BOF – Ask the Flex team
Meet up with Matt Chotin and other members of the Flex team to ask them anything about Flex! Join this session for a discussion on Flex, current and future, and to give your feedback to the team.

BOF – Meet the XD team
The XD Team at Adobe has a simple goal: To design and develop elegant, sophisticated tools and applications that allow you to make and build better stuff. Come meet the team, see our influences, and hear what inspires us. Then tell us what inspires you.

BOF – Building real-life AIR applications using AJAX
Join this BOF to talk about AJAX frameworks, developing for AIR with HTML/JavaScript, developer tools and the approaches/considerations for building desktop apps.

BOF – Explore the creative mobile frontier with Nokia
Join Nokia executives to discuss how developers and content creators can get engaged in the mobile revolution by taking advantage of Flash Lite 3. FL3 will allow mobile users to view vibrant multi-media content, opening many new opportunities for developers

Nokia will also discuss MOSH, which is a user defined channel for the distribution of applications and other content for mobile devices. Mosh provides a seamless sharing experience, enabling content creators with any phone to create, upload, share and eventually monetize content.

BOF – Building Custom Flex 3.0 Components
Discussing Custom Components in Flex. ILOG Elixir team will provide feedback on building advanced graphical components for the Flex 3 platform.

BOF – Online Collaborative Media: The Web is more than Sharing
“Together” in a web space…
* How far can we collaborate in the web?
* How to encourage users to contribute and create together?

Let’s converse about minimizing the gap between online and offline.
Bring heavy desktop tasks such as image processing, video editing and
3d, while using Flex/Flash and AIR, producing a more collaborative
enviroments for users to create online.

BOF – ColdFusion in Europe
Join Ben Forta and Tim Buntel and other Adobe staff for the ColdFusion BOF. The topic is deliberately vague and open-ended because we’d like a completely open free-form discussion about ColdFusion in Europe – and we want to discuss it all, the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

BOF – Rights Management
Need to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information in your content and messsges? Need to audit who has done what with your content? Learn about Adobe’s LiveCycle Rights Management ES and how you can share sensitive content that is critical to collaboration throughout your business processes, control content access and usage rights through dynamic and persistent policies forconfidentiality, privacy, and accountability, protect sensitive information by proactively plugging potential leaks, integrate with applications for easy one-click content protection, and integrate with back-end systems for comprehensive rights management that is centralized, automated, and cost-effective.

BOF – Flash Lite: Mobile Opportunities
Whats possible with Flash Lite? What sort of apps are people developing? How easy or dificult is it to develop a Flash Lite app? Lets discuss the new and exciting opportunities in the mobile space.

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2 Responses to MAX Europe BOF sessions

  1. Andy Allan says:

    Nothing for CF eh … I think we’ll have to do something about that.

  2. I was just waiting for the session to be confirmed… Ben Forta has posted details on his blog about the CF BOF and I’ll add it to the list here shortly 🙂

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