Flash Brighton Big Day Out

Today saw Flash Brighton’s Big Day Out take place on the south coast of England and, as the first Flex/AIR camp in the UK, it was great to have a turnout of over 100 people.

Starting just after lunch and running into the early hours of the morning there were presentations from myself, Mike Jones, David Hassoun, John Crosby, Dominic Minns, Aral Balkan and Seb Lee-Delisle, together with good conversation, free beer and pizza. Seb and the crew from the Flash Brighton User Group did a fantastic job at organising the event and with the quick sell-out of (free) tickets I hope the guys will be up for running another event next year.

Along with a mix of technical and creative content, we’d organised a full copy of Flex Builder 2 for all attendees, so hopefully there was something for everyone!

The slides I presented during the keynote are available for download using Adobe Share.

The Flex and AIR applications I referenced during the presentation included:

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