Flex training in December and January

With the continuing demand for Flex developers you might want to take advantage of two training offers that are currently running, one from Total Training and another from Academy Class.

Total TrainingFor online training in Flex, Adobe have partnered with Total Training to provide free Flex training courses for 30 days – simply sign up using the activation code 29fa706d. This promotion runs until December 31st 2007.

Academy ClassFor classroom-based training in Flex, Academy Class are running a 2 for 1 promotion for their 5 day Flex Masterclass courses running in Manchester and London in January (i.e. two attendees for the price of one). This offer was originally available to attendees of the Adobe CS3 Creative License tour, but they’ve kindly agreed to extend it. To find out more about the offer, including details of any restrictions and course availability, contact Academy Class directly.

Adobe Developer ConnectionFinally, there is also a huge amount of content on the Adobe Developer Connection site which is geared to help you get productive with Flex. Make sure you checkout the samples, documentation and tutorials in the Flex Developer Centre.

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