BBC uses Flex to report on US Super Tuesday

You can’t help but know from all the media coverage that today is ‘Super Tuesday’ in the US, when some 24 states vote on who they will back for the Democratic and Republican nomination for the next US election.

In the UK, BBC News has used Flex to build a map-based tool which provides readers with an overview of the states participating in Super Tuesday, as well providing a historical view on how each state has voted in the election over the last 60 years.

BBC News Super Tuesday

The BBC has often used interactive maps during previous US and UK elections built using Flash, but this is the first time that the new Flex-based version has used.

You can view the application on the BBC News website.

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1 Response to BBC uses Flex to report on US Super Tuesday

  1. paddy says:

    Nice App. For anyone who’s interested in that sort of thing we did a similar app for UK elections (not flex though):


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