on AIR European Tour details

on AIR LogoAs announced back in November, the on AIR tour is coming to Europe this year – we’ve now posted the details of all the dates and locations for on the tour website.

If you didn’t follow the US tour last year, then essentially in each location we’ll be running a one day conference on Adobe AIR, with technical sessions, showcases and discussions. All the events are free and are open to anyone interested in learning more about AIR – you do need to register in advance though.

Mike Chambers has all the details here, but in summary the dates/locations are as follows:

on AIR Map

First leg, March 31st – April 11:

Second leg, June 2nd – June 13th:

I’ll be at the Brussel/London/Dublin and Prague/Munich/Milan events and look forward to seeing you there! Check out the agenda (the events are a full day with something for everyone), register and then spread the news 🙂

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