Presentations from UK Agency Flex/AIR Event posted

As I mentioned previously, we held a one day event for UK-based digital agencies to coincide with the Flex/AIR launch on the 25th February in London. I’ve had a number of requests to make the presentations from the event available so I’ve posted them here for download (46Mb zip file).

In addition to the Adobe keynote, presented by Steve Heintz, we had sessions on AIR, Flash Media Server, CS3 and Flex Designer/Developer workflow, as well as case study presentations from Emak Mafu (Demonstrating MafuNet, a Flex-based CMS), Monochrome (Business case for RIAs) and Tribal DDB (Building the Volkswagen site using Flex) .

Thanks to all the presenters for letting me share their presentations!

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2 Responses to Presentations from UK Agency Flex/AIR Event posted

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  2. Flüge says:

    Thanks for the link to those really nice and informative presentations. There are many things one can adopt so I recommend it to every who is interested in learning more about the possibilities of Flex.

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