RIA learning resources for Colleges/Universities

Adobe’s education team have published a set of online resources that are designed to be used by teachers and students as part of HCI, Interaction Design and Computer Programming courses undertaken at Colleges and Universities.

The materials are centered around a project which requires designers and developers to work together to design, prototype, build and deploy a RIA – rather than focusing on just how to program in Flex, the course can be used to stimulate discussions on user-centered design, interaction design principles, designer/developer worklow as well as testing, bug management and deployment.

You get access to the course projects and a range of online workshop modules at http://www.adobe.com/education/instruction/teach/ria.html. The materials are available to anyone, so they may be of interest even if you’re not in education but are looking for additional Flex learning resources.

Also a reminder that students and lecturers can get a free copy of Flex Builder Professional by registering with Adobe. I’ve been advised that the registration process is down for couple of days, but keep an eye on http://www.flexregistration.com/ in early June the site should be accepting new requests.

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