New contender for the most popular AIR application?

If you live in the UK you’ll be familiar with The Sun newspaper, if you’re not then Wikipedia will help you out, but it’s one of the most popular tabloid newspapers in the UK with nearly 8 million readers every day.

Since the 1970’s The Sun has had a ‘feature’ on page 3 which seems to be very popular with a large percentage of the UK male population – the page 3 model. I won’t go into all the details here, but you’ll get a good idea by visiting the official Page 3 website (warning: some nudity).

The Sun is today launching a new desktop application, created using Flex and deployed on AIR, that features one of their most popular models, Keeley, 21, from Bromley.

To quote from The Sun’s website “BE the envy of all your friends and get Page 3’s sexy Keeley Hazell on your desktop now! Gorgeous Keeley is here to ease you through your day, putting a smile on your face and providing up to the minute sport info, showbiz gossip and news updates direct to your desktop.”

Yes, it’s a another RSS news reader, but the team at Glue London who created Desktop Keeley have done a really nice job on this, creating a slick-looking application that uses transparent video to provide users with a little extra something… to see this in action you can select the “Come out to play” option from the menu.

If you’re installing this at work then you’ll need to make it clear, like I have, that this is for ‘research purposes’ 🙂 When I showed the application to my fellow evangelists back on the onAIR tour, they too seemed pretty keen on Keeley; again, for research purposes you understand.

So, could this be one of the most popular AIR applications…? Keeley has quite a following, so just maybe it could. You can download the application from The Sun’s website.

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5 Responses to New contender for the most popular AIR application?

  1. Well, it would be rude *not* to install this really wouldn’t it 😉

  2. Goodbye productive day! 😉

  3. Keeley in HD would have made this complete. My next project…

  4. sean mcshary says:

    Phwoar! As I believe they say in the soar away Sun 😉

  5. I don’t know whether this is the most popular AIR App or not, but surely this is the most beautiful AIR Application 🙂

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