Turn your idea for an AIR app into reality with help from Adobe and FOWA

For the last couple of years Adobe has been one of the main sponsors of the Future of Web Apps conference in the UK; this year, in addition to being a sponsor we wanted to do something practical that would help an entrepreneur bring an idea for a future web application to life.

So, in partnership with the conference organisers, we’re looking to reward the best idea for a web application that could be deployed using Adobe AIR with £5K, to fund some of the development work and help make the application a reality.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of securing the prize money is tell us how you would use Adobe AIR, either to create a new application or to extend the reach of an existing application to the desktop. 

Entry forms, submission information and contest rules can be found on the Future of Web Apps site.

If you need some inspiration for how you might use Adobe AIR, check out my previous entry ‘10 AIR applications that you can’t live without‘ or visit refreshingapps.com for more AIR applications.

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1 Response to Turn your idea for an AIR app into reality with help from Adobe and FOWA

  1. Rick Winscot says:

    Unfortunate though… that the rules stipulate that only FOWA attendees are eligible and that your entry form must be hand-delivered at the conference.

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