UpShotApp wins AIR contest at FOWA

Last week at Future of Web Apps we were on the lookout for some cool ideas as to how you might use Adobe AIR – to provide a little incentive we teamed up with Carsonified (the event organisers) to offer £5k to the winner of a ‘dragons den’ style contest to help them build the application.  

FOWA DragonsWe had some really great entries for the contest, as well as a couple of strange ones, but we whittled them down to three finalists who then pitched their idea in front of approximately 1200 conference attendees. We spoke to each of the finalists before they went on stage… if you’re interested you can watch how the guys behind Relocally, BoxedUp and UpShotApp described their proposed applications.

The overall winner of the contest was UpShotApp, an existing web-based application that allows you to upload pictures and track what friends, colleagues and clients think about them. They want to use Adobe AIR to provide a desktop uploader, with tight integration (via Switchboard) to Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, so that you can upload and track comments on pictures right from your desktop.

There’s a nice sketch on Flickr which captures the essence of day 2 at FOWA, including the AIR Dragons Den session. Elsewhere at FOWA, we were giving away badges with the mnemonics for Adobe products, handing out ‘AIR for JavaScript developers’ and ‘Getting Started with Flex 3’ books, answering questions about Flex and AIR on the Adobe stand, as well as running a couple of sessions in the ‘University’ track.

A lot of the content from Future of Web Apps has been published online, so if you couldn’t attend you can catch up on what you missed here.

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  2. Hey! Thanks for linking to my sketches and also for such a great post.

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