27 new Flex skins coming to ScaleNine.com soon

The winners of the ScaleNine ‘Skin to Win’ contest were announced today by Juan Sanchez over on the ScaleNine blog, with the winning entry submitted by ‘Undefined‘, a web development company based in Spain.  

Congratulations to the team from Undefined, along with the runner up and spot prize winners – the quality of all the entries was really high and I know that it was tough for the judges to come to a final decision on the winners.

One of the original aims for running the contest was to increase the number of complete Flex themes available, so it is great that all 27 entries submitted to the contest will be available for you to download, use and adapt for your own projects. Keep an eye on the ScaleNine.com site over the next week as they are uploaded to the gallery.

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1 Response to 27 new Flex skins coming to ScaleNine.com soon

  1. Lots of thanks for the references Andrew. Just want to congratulate the other winners; they’d submitted great entries. We’ll be looking forward to use Thermo for the next contest! 😛



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