Live blogging from day 2 MAX keynote coming up later

Following Serge’s idea to live blog the day 1 MAX keynote yesterday – which we set-up about 5 minutes before the keynote started – we’re going to be a bit more organised today for the day 2 keynote.

The theme for the day 2 keynote is “Design, Develop, Deploy” and will be lead by Ben Forta, Director of Platform Evangelism. We’re going to be at the front this time (yesterday we were about 35 rows back), taking pictures and live blogging about all the announcements and demos that are shown here in San Francisco.

The keynote is 10.30am PST, 6.30pm UK, 7.30pm CET – use the sign-up feature below to get a reminder when it’s about to start…

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2 Responses to Live blogging from day 2 MAX keynote coming up later

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