Adobe MAX 2008 keynote and sneaks photos

If you couldn’t join us for the 5 hours of live blogging from the MAX 2008 keynote and sneak peak sessions you can still replay each of the blogging sessions.

MAX 2008Whilst I was trying to trying to capture what was being said, my good friend Serge was busy taking and uploading photos as quickly as humanly possible.

There are about 120 photos available through the live blogging replay, so if you want to see Ryan Stewart in white lab coat, Ben Forta dressed as Agent “F” or see screenshots of Bolt, Gumbo, Flash Catalyst, Alchemy, Nitro and Server-Side ActionScript then you can use the replay feature on the following posts:

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3 Responses to Adobe MAX 2008 keynote and sneaks photos

  1. Cheers for this Andrew, I was following it keenly from rainy Epsom.
    Let’s just hope you guys haven’t run out of stuff for Milan!

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