New Adobe TV videos – Application localisation and profiling in Flex Builder

I recorded several Adobe TV videos a while back and I’ve noticed that the first two are now up and live.

In the first I provide a quick overview of the profiling tools available in Flex Builder 3. In the video I show you how to use both the memory and performance profiler so as to understand what’s going on in your Flex application whilst it is executing in Flash Player (and AIR); this is critical so that you spot potential memory leaks and performance issues before deploying your application.

In the second video, I cover how to localise AIR applications built using Flex – this video shows you how to use the in-built AIR runtime support to display localised installer dialogues, application menus, etc, as well as using resource bundles in Flex to localise the actual application user interface for specific languages.

Serge, Enrique and the other European evangelists also have content going up on Adobe TV, so take a look at the developer channel for more content. If you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered please drop me a note.

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