Free ColdFusion technical workshops across Europe

Adobe, together with a number of our partners across Europe, are running a series of half-day workshops to help you get up to speed with building applications using ColdFusion 8.

In addition to getting a general overview of what’s new in the latest version of ColdFusion, there will be more in-depth sessions on building ColdFusion-powered Rich Internet Applications with Flex, using ColdFusion to create AJAX-based web applications & PDF documents and using the ColdFusion Server Monitor to fine-tune applications for high performance.

The dates/locations confirmed already are as follows – download the linked PDF document for more information and for the registration form:

The team is working on additional dates for Barcelona, Zurich, Milan and Stockholm – I’ll update this post with additional details when they are confirmed…

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5 Responses to Free ColdFusion technical workshops across Europe

  1. Jens says:

    Yes, at last there will be ColdFusion talks in Sweden. I hope they plan one in Copenhagen too. It is much closer for all us Swedes that live in the southern part. Do you know if you plan one for Denmark?

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  3. Hi Jens. Probably something we could plan, yes. Do you have any local community you could link me to so that we have a successful event in Denmark as well ?

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  5. Luigi Belli says:

    Hi folks,

    any CF user group in Brussels ?



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