Free RIA tools for students, teachers and unemployed developers

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been personally inundated with hundreds of requests for free Flex Builder licenses from developers who have found themselves unemployed due to the current economic climate – whilst no one wants to be in that situation, I’m glad that we’ve been able to do something, albeit small, to help people who have been affected and who want to learn Flex.

We’re now in a position to make this a more formal offering and have updated our Free RIA tools website, which already offers Flex Builder Professional for use by students and teachers, to facilitate the provision of licenses to developers who find themselves unemployed.

If you are a developer who is currently unemployed, you can apply for your free Flex Builder Professional license here. In addition to learning resources from Adobe, you will also receive a 60-day subscription to a collection of books on Flex 3 and RIA development on Safari Books Online.

If you are a student, teacher or are otherwise employed by an education institution you can apply for your free Flex Builder Professional license here. There is also a set of RIA teaching resources available that you might be interested in.

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