London, Manchester, Edinburgh – don't miss SOTR events next week

The organisers of Scotch on the Rocks are taking the annual conference on tour next week, setting up in London on Monday (1st), Manchester on Wednesday (3rd) and ending up in Edinburgh on Friday (5th).


There is lots happening in relation to the Flash Platform this year – new releases of the Flex framework, Flash Builder and ColdFusion and completely new tools in the shape of Bolt (the code-name for the new ColdFusion IDE) and Flash Catalyst.

Scotch on the Rocks is going to be THE place to be next week if you want the latest news on all these releases… Terry Ryan, Adam Lehman and Serge Jespers will be at each of the events from Adobe, together with a host of additional speakers including Mike Jones, Peter Elst and Tom Chiverton.

Registration is still open, and it only costs £49 + VAT to attend one of these events – with the current economic climate, the organisers even created a “Manager’s information pack” that you can pass along to your manager to help get approval for a day out of the office 🙂

What are you waiting for? Register now…

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