Morgan Stanley raises the bar for rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash Platform technologies

ms_matrix_2.jpgMorgan Stanley have launched a comprehensive online trading tool called “Matrix” which allows their customers to get closer to the trading floor than ever before; the application enables them to view live pricing, get informed opinions for market professionals, review historical market data and make derivatives and foreign exchange trades in real-time, directly from their browser.

This impressive rich Internet application (RIA), which has a strong focus on the quality of the user experience, was built using Adobe’s Flash Platform technologies, and integrates real-time data, with the delivery of audio, video, reports and rich interactive charts to provide a next-generation trading platform for Morgan Stanley’s customers.

The sheer quantity of data presented within the application, combined with the performance and responsiveness of the user interface, is impressive and really demonstrates the potential that rich Internet applications offer. This certainly has to be one of the most ambitious and successfully executed applications built using Flex and raises the bar as to what can be achieved within the browser.

For more information on the project and a virtual walkthrough of the application visit Morgan Stanley’s website:

More pictures below:

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6 Responses to Morgan Stanley raises the bar for rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash Platform technologies

  1. paddy says:

    looks cool andrew, who built it?

  2. Imrahil says:

    This app is awesome!

  3. Wow. The quality of the experience there is excellent, it seems to have been really well received by it’s users too.
    The shots of the development process / project management style are insightful too.

  4. Alessio says:

    the application looks awesome. Morgan Stanley is working also on amqp: it’s possible they integrated the real-time messaging part with air technology, what do you think? what are the collaboration technologies behind matrix?

  5. @paddy sorry for the delay in replying:

    Matrix was developed by Morgan Stanley with user experience consultation from Adobe Professional Services and technical delivery by Lab 49 in partnership with Adobe Professional Services and others.

  6. @alessio: I haven’t come across that project I’m afraid.

    Unfortunately I can’t go into the specifics of the underlying infrastructure for the Matrix application.

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