'Enterprise' Flash Player penetration statistics published

I’m not sure when this data was published on Adobe.com, but as part of the revamped “Flash Platform for enterprise applications” page, there is a link to a set of statistics that relate specifically to the availability of Flash Player within enterprise organizations.

We’ve published statistics about the general availability of Flash Player for some time (based on results from a survey undertaken by Millward Brown), which as of June 2009 shows that 98.8% of internet-connected computers can display Flash Player 9 content, whilst 86.7% can already display Flash Player 10 content.

The enterprise-specific results have been compiled by Forrester Research, based on data from over 50,000 of its corporate clients. The headline results are as follows:

  • 96.8% of corporate users can view Flash Player 9 content (this is the version of Flash Player required to access applications built using Flex 3 SDK)
  • Within 3 months of release (the survey data comes from December 2008), Flash Player 10 was already available to 36% of customers within enterprise organisations

The quick adoption of Flash Player 10 within the enterprise is encouraging for those considering the deployment of Flex 4-based applications once the final SDK is released – I’d recommend that you keep an eye out for updates to this survey data to see how adoption of the latest player continues over time.

For those considering deployment of Flash Player within an enterprise environment, check out the resources here for IT and administrative professionals.

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5 Responses to 'Enterprise' Flash Player penetration statistics published

  1. Tek says:

    Differentiate Flash player stats within an enterprise and public penetration statistics are quite a good idea. Many employees cannot update themselves the plug-in because they need a system administrator to do that for them. When the target of the application is mainly focused on business, it’s important to know that corporate adoptionis not as wide as public one.

    I hope that the Adobe form for Flash Player stats will integrate this result one day.

  2. Julian Lawton says:

    Andrew – It would be useful to have these statistics broken down where there are significant minor versions – i.e. Flex RSL support came in after version 9.0, and I think H264 also came in as a minor update.

    This would be useful for judging the real world compatibility of applications, and particularly behind company firewalls where users cannot easily update the Flash player.

  3. Leif Wells says:

    Julian mentions the Flex SDK RSL library, which I believe we also need to have public statistics on. It would assist the adoption of Flex in the future, I would think.

    As I work for a company that works with clients in the Education industry, I’d love to see statistics from elementary, middle and high schools where penetration figures might be frighteningly opposite of public trends. And, of course, I’d love to be wrong about my assessment there, because I believe that so much more could be done using Flash Player 9+ in the EDU space.

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