Video interview with founder of TweetDeck

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Iain Dodsworth, founder of TweetDeck – one of the most-downloaded applications that have been built using Adobe AIR.

In this video Iain talks about how and why he went about creating TweetDeck, why he built it using Adobe AIR, what worked well (and what didn’t) during development, what he and the team have learnt from the whole process and his plans for the future of TweetDeck. He also offers up some advice for anyone else thinking about embarking on a startup venture.

The full version (below) is approximately 20 minutes in length, but I’m working on a shorter highlight video that hopefully we’ll get posted on Adobe TV – I’ll post a link to that in due course.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”9.0.0″ movie=”″ width=”450″ height=”248″ targetclass=”flashmovie” allowfullscreen=”true”]Get Adobe Flash player


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3 Responses to Video interview with founder of TweetDeck

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  2. The only danger with this application – is you never come off it as it is so seductive – really looking forward to seeing this company grow and take on the US on their own ground.

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