Adobe schwag @ FOTB

Every year for ‘Flash on the Beach‘ our marketing team manages to outdo themselves in terms of what can be Adobe branded – we’ve had stickers, badges, rock and T-Shirts over the years; in an exclusive i-happen-to-be-in-the-office-today shocker I can reveal this year’s FOTB Adobe schwag is…

The Adobe Flash Platform Rubik’s cube:

Adobe Rubik's cube @ FOTB

and Adobe Flash Platform chocolate:

Adobe Chocolates @ FOTB

Be sure to stop by the Adobe stand next week to pick-up your schwag, chat with a number of the Adobe people who are attending (including myself, Serge Jespers, Mark Doherty, Mark Anders, Richard Galvan, Lee Brimelow, Robin Charney, Marcus Lynch and Thibault Imbert) and see demos of Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and the Creative Suite products.

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10 Responses to Adobe schwag @ FOTB

  1. marc says:

    Nice. The cubes and the chocolate also have been given out last weekend in Munich at the Ria Summerjam. My children love the cube 8)

  2. Cool, love the Rubik’s cube 🙂

  3. Can we find at MAX also?! PLEASE SAY YES!!!

  4. Jensa says:

    Oh nice! I want one for my kids as well!


  5. Samir says:

    Cool . I can’t eat those chocolate:)) So sweett:))

  6. Arun Sarma says:

    Rubik’s cube looks kewl 🙂 Wish I could have one 😦 😦

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  9. Rob M says:

    I like the rubix’s cube, hopefully you will have some left over for the next time I loose at poker coder!

  10. Raúl says:

    The cube is cool, is there any cookies?

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