Updated build of Flex Builder for Linux available

The current alpha release of Flex Builder for Linux is due to expire on December 1st 2009, so if you are developing with this you’ll need to download the updated build (alpha 5) that we posted to the Adobe Labs website today.

The updated build of Flex Builder for Linux does not add new functionality, but does extend the timeout and has also been tested on more recent Linux distributions.

If you have any comments or suggestions on Flex Builder for Linux then please drop me an email and I’ll make sure we consider them as we continue to work on our plans for Linux support.

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11 Responses to Updated build of Flex Builder for Linux available

  1. Sue Green says:

    Thanks for the update.

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  3. The official tally of people who’d really like to see this project can be seen on the Adobe issue tracker, http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-19053

  4. Totally agree with Tom!


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  6. @Tom – rest assured, we’re tracking all the comments filed on the bug in JIRA.

    @Everyone – Any other feedback/suggestions are welcome via email to me or as an additional comment at http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-19053



  7. Mike Slinn says:

    Life is short. Microsoft is aggressive, and HTML5 looms. Without cross-platform support for developers and users Flex can’t compete. Flex had a decent chance to become more than a promising product, but the end of that opportunity is in sight. Without strong Linux support, Flex will be a casualty of the RIA war; the question has become when Flex will cease to be a viable business decision.

    This loss was preventable. I say this in the past tense, because dithering only begets more dithering. Borland’s JBuilder died because of dithering, and Borland died in large part because they did not respond appropriately to Microsoft. Big Bill wins again, using the same tried-and-true script, while playing clean.

  8. dbmuse says:

    Its time for FlashOS. Google is doing AndroidOS which is great for info. Adobe needs to do FlashOS for presentation. Oracle has done this for data. Apple is snubbing Adobe on the Iphone. Microsoft is eatting each vendor on its platform, one by one and now its chewing on Adobe. Adobe needs to time this right, jump off the platforms that seek to destroy it while landing on platform(s) that want it or its very own distribution. Linux on or in any device, tv, phone, computer, ibook, auto… and it can be any vendors version or best of all for flash… FlashOS. This would be great for Cold Fusion as well. Linux is the only way, longterm… and that isn’t far away.

  9. nishu says:

    thanks for the update. I was wondering how will i use flex builder after today.

  10. tarmath says:

    wow more than one year after the alpha 4 comes this featureless repackage of a release that still wont work with any recent version of eclipse.

    you guys couldn’t even spend an afternoon updating the sdk.

    thanks for your consideration indeed mr evangelist!

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