Andrew ShortenFor those wanting to know a little more about me I can tell you that I’m 32, married and living in the stunning Mid-Sussex countryside in the UK.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working with web technologies and am employed by Adobe as a Senior Product Manager.

Background / Profile

After graduating in Computer Science from Kings College London in 1999 I joined ICL’s e-Business unit, later to become Fujitsu, working as a web developer in a team responsible for implementing user interfaces for the – typically large – enterprise or government projects that ICL/Fujitsu delivered.

Having survived the dot-com boom/bust, which saw the rapid expansion and then subsequent demise of the e-Business unit, I spent increasing amounts of time as a consultant, advising Fujitsu’s clients on web, desktop, kiosk and mobile UI technologies and working internally to bridge the divide between the design and development teams within Fujitsu, so as to successfully deliver client projects. During this time I also built up a successful partner relationship with Macromedia, which lead to me joining Macromedia UK as a Pre-sales Consultant in 2004.

I joined Macromedia just after the launch of Flex 1.0, when the potential for and value of Rich Internet Applications were yet to be fully recognised. During this time I supported the Enterprise Account team, introducing Macromedia, and later Adobe, technologies to designers, developers, CTOs and business leaders, so as to help organisations understand the technical and business value of the Flash Platform and Rich Internet Applications.

In November 2006 I was offered a role at Microsoft; an organisation which is putting renewed focus on the quality of the user experience for both web and desktop applications. As a Platform Advisor I worked closely with web and digital agencies in the UK to introduce Microsoft’s technologies and explore opportunities in which they could be used.

In August 2007 I decided to rejoin Adobe as a Platform Evangelist and until recently was traveling across Europe meeting with designers, developers, partners and customers to talk about Flex, Flash and AIR and the opportunities these technologies present to enrich web and desktop experiences.

I have recently moved to a new role at Adobe, as Senior Product Manager for Flash Builder – please see this post for more information.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know please get in touch!

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