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New Adobe video component for Flex

Alongside the release of Flash Media Server 3.5 this week, we also shipped a Flex-compatible version of the FLVPlayback component. If you’ve ever looked at the VideoDisplay component in the Flex SDK you’ll know that it’s not exactly feature-packed, so … Continue reading

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Adobe TV video tutorial – Skinning Flex applications with Fireworks

Following on from my previous videos on Adobe TV, I just received notification that my video on “Skinning Flex applications with Fireworks” has also been published. In the video I show you how to use Fireworks CS3 (although the process … Continue reading

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Evolution of the BBC iPlayer

For anyone involved or interested in distribution of media content over the Internet, understanding how the BBC’s iPlayer service has evolved, why certain decisions were made and what future directions are being explored makes for fascinating reading. The European Broadcasting … Continue reading

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BBC launches iPlayer desktop on Adobe AIR

On the same day as Adobe announced that the final release of AIR 1.5 for Linux is available for download, the BBC have launched iPlayer desktop for Mac, Windows and Linux users, built on Adobe AIR. BBC iPlayer desktop allows … Continue reading

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Learn how Desktop Keeley was made at MAX Europe

Following my post about UK speakers at MAX Europe, one additional session has now been confirmed – Dom O’Brien from Glue London will be speaking about Interactive Video Campaigns; one of the campaigns that Dom and the team worked on … Continue reading

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BBC delivers 6.5 million hours of Olympics video using Flash

John O’Donnovan has an interesting post over on the BBC Internet blog talking about how the BBC’s Olympic content has been consumed over different media channels, including web, desktop and mobile. Whilst I recommend that you read the entire post, … Continue reading

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