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UK's largest commercial broadcaster drops Silverlight for Flash

Following the news last week that Microsoft and UK-based retailer Tesco announced a commercial agreement (no details of the financial arrangements were published) it is interesting to see that one media company who previously adopted Microsoft Silverlight for its online … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes of Fiat's EcoDrive Adobe AIR application

Last year I posted an entry about the launch of Fiat EcoDrive, an AIR application that can help drivers adjust their driving style so as to improve fuel efficiency, reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions and save money on fuel. As a … Continue reading

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New Adobe video component for Flex

Alongside the release of Flash Media Server 3.5 this week, we also shipped a Flex-compatible version of the FLVPlayback component. If you’ve ever looked at the VideoDisplay component in the Flex SDK you’ll know that it’s not exactly feature-packed, so … Continue reading

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Evolution of the BBC iPlayer

For anyone involved or interested in distribution of media content over the Internet, understanding how the BBC’s iPlayer service has evolved, why certain decisions were made and what future directions are being explored makes for fascinating reading. The European Broadcasting … Continue reading

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