Flash Platform diversity – from SAP to Facebook

One of the things I like most about my job is that one minute you can be talking about SAP and the next Facebook!

The diversity in the types of experiences that can be delivered on the Flash Platform and the developer communities that are embracing Flash continues with the announcement this week that Adobe and Facebook have partnered to release an official ActionScript client library for the Facebook platform; meanwhile the SAP Community Network site has just added a new section which provides resources for SAP developers interested in embedding Rich Islands into Web Dynpro applications.


If you’re interested in adding rich user interface elements to your SAP applications then the following resources should be of interest:


Meanwhile, if you’d like to develop games and social applications for Facebook, or integrate Facebook features into your existing Flash or AIR application then check out the following:

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1 Response to Flash Platform diversity – from SAP to Facebook

  1. Blag says:


    Being a member of the SAP Communit Network, an SAP Mentor and a Scripting Languages Geek…I can’t be more happy about the well deserved attention that both Flex and the Flash Platform are getting.
    On SCN we had been playing with RIA for quite a long time, but just a couple of weeks ago (Or less), RIA’s get their own homepage.

    Way to go Adobe!



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