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Going beyond 'Deep Zoom' with Adobe Scene7 on the Flash Platform

Microsoft made a lot of noise during the run-up to the launch of Silverlight 2 about ‘Deep Zoom’, a feature which lets users zoom into an image or collection of images using a control in a Silverlight application. There have … Continue reading

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Evolution of the BBC iPlayer

For anyone involved or interested in distribution of media content over the Internet, understanding how the BBC’s iPlayer service has evolved, why certain decisions were made and what future directions are being explored makes for fascinating reading. The European Broadcasting … Continue reading

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Enterprise RIA Series – part 1. What is an RIA?

I’ve recently been involved in contributing to and editing an Adobe whitepaper which is set to be published in the new year, entitled “The business benefits of rich Internet applications for enterprises”. Targeted primarily at a business, rather than technical, … Continue reading

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Digitally signing an Adobe AIR application – excerpt from Essential Guide to Flash CS4 AIR Development

The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 AIR Development, written by Marco Casario, was published today – Marco was kind enough to ask me to contribute a chapter and write the foreword for the book, so I thought I’d publish an … Continue reading

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BBC launches iPlayer desktop on Adobe AIR

On the same day as Adobe announced that the final release of AIR 1.5 for Linux is available for download, the BBC have launched iPlayer desktop for Mac, Windows and Linux users, built on Adobe AIR. BBC iPlayer desktop allows … Continue reading

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Collaborative Google Maps in Flex using Cocomo

Earlier this year Christophe Coenraets, a colleague on the Platform Evangelism team, created an example application which combined Google’s ActionScript API, Flex and BlazeDS to provide a real-time collaborative experience for map browsing. Following the recent beta release of Cocomo … Continue reading

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Charity schwag auction – get your limited edition Adobe bags here!

Roll up, roll up… Serge and I have found ourselves with an excess supply of Adobe-branded bags and we’re going to auction them off for charity. We currently have five limited edition bags for you choose from, including a backpack, … Continue reading

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One of the new services that we announced at MAX this year was Adobe Wave, an Adobe AIR application and Adobe hosted service that work together to deliver desktop notifications to users. Adobe Wave lets consumers opt-in to receive messages … Continue reading

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New Flex IDE options for .NET and Java developers

Until recently Flex developers had the option of using the free, open source SDK (together with a text editor of choice) or purchasing Flex Builder, Adobe’s Eclipse-based IDE for building, debugging, profiling and deploying Flex applications. The momentum behind Flex … Continue reading

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New Adobe TV videos – Application localisation and profiling in Flex Builder

I recorded several Adobe TV videos a while back and I’ve noticed that the first two are now up and live. In the first I provide a quick overview of the profiling tools available in Flex Builder 3. In the … Continue reading

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