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Video interview with founder of TweetDeck

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Iain Dodsworth, founder of TweetDeck – one of the most-downloaded applications that have been built using Adobe AIR. In this video Iain talks about how and why … Continue reading

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AIR 1.5.2 offers improved application install process

Last week we released an updated version of the AIR runtime, version 1.5.2, which includes bug fixes related to reliability, compatibility and security – the details of which can be found on the Adobe AIR team blog and in the … Continue reading

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The Flash Platform in numbers

We announced some pretty significant new numbers in relation to adoption of the Flash Platform today – the full press release can be found on our website, but here are the all important stats: 55% of computers already have Flash … Continue reading

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*chirp – someone should have told them there's a cross-OS way to build desktop apps

Today saw the release of a new desktop Twitter client – *chirp. It’s not like we needed another desktop client for Twitter, what with TweetDeck, DestroyTwitter, Spaz, Twhirl and others already available, but the unique feature of this new application … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes of Fiat's EcoDrive Adobe AIR application

Last year I posted an entry about the launch of Fiat EcoDrive, an AIR application that can help drivers adjust their driving style so as to improve fuel efficiency, reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions and save money on fuel. As a … Continue reading

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Determining when you should (and shouldn't) use AIR

Whilst AIR makes it really easy for web developers to build and deploy cross OS desktop applications, it’s important to consider whether a desktop application is the most appropriate way for your target audience to access your RIA. It often … Continue reading

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Evolution of the BBC iPlayer

For anyone involved or interested in distribution of media content over the Internet, understanding how the BBC’s iPlayer service has evolved, why certain decisions were made and what future directions are being explored makes for fascinating reading. The European Broadcasting … Continue reading

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Digitally signing an Adobe AIR application – excerpt from Essential Guide to Flash CS4 AIR Development

The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 AIR Development, written by Marco Casario, was published today – Marco was kind enough to ask me to contribute a chapter and write the foreword for the book, so I thought I’d publish an … Continue reading

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BBC launches iPlayer desktop on Adobe AIR

On the same day as Adobe announced that the final release of AIR 1.5 for Linux is available for download, the BBC have launched iPlayer desktop for Mac, Windows and Linux users, built on Adobe AIR. BBC iPlayer desktop allows … Continue reading

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Lastminute.com partners with Adobe to deliver desktop notifications

One of the new services that we announced at MAX this year was Adobe Wave, an Adobe AIR application and Adobe hosted service that work together to deliver desktop notifications to users. Adobe Wave lets consumers opt-in to receive messages … Continue reading

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