Flash Platform for Business – new resources

graphic_noform.jpgEven though Flash has evolved considerably since the days of just creating animations and interactive content, I often hear that developers have to “sell” the Flash Platform to their clients, especially in corporate environments where the project represents the customer’s first exposure to Flex or AIR.

To help with positioning of the Flash Platform and the justification for investing in rich Internet applications, you might be interested in some new resources that Adobe has put together.

Available in a PDF package (a single PDF file that has built-in navigation and access to multiple resources) are the following:

– A report from InfoTech on “Rich Internet Applications: What’s the Business Case?”
– A report from Gartner that evaluates AJAX and RIA technologies
– An Adobe white paper on the business benefits of rich Internet applications for enterprises
– A video and case study highlighting the success NASDAQ have had with their Market Replay AIR application

Finally, there is an Excel spreadsheet, which can be used to calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) from deploying a rich Internet application either in an employee-facing or customer-facing scenario.

You can point customers at the Flash for Business site where they can register to receive more information and a copy of the materials, or you can just download and email them the PDF package (3.7Mb), which contains all the resources.

Let me know if you have any feedback on these and whether they prove to be useful for sharing with customers.

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