European Flex 3 pre-release tour

We’re all set with the dates for the European Flex 3 pre-release tour which is taking place in January 2008. Serge Jespers, James Ward, Enrique Duvos and I will be traveling across Europe talking about Flex 3, AIR and BlazeDS – if you’d like to get up-to-date on the forthcoming launch of these technologies then please join us at one of the events.

Flex Tour

There will also be presentations organised by the local usergroup leaders which will highlight some of the Flex applications being built in each country.

Dates for each of the events that Enrique and I will be at are listed below – please check the local user group website for location, times and registration information:

If you can make it along to one of the dates above then we look forward to meeting you there! If you’ve been building a Flex application and would like to show it at the event then get in touch.

Serge and James will be visiting the following locations:

  • Tuesday 22nd – Paris
  • Wednesday 23rd – Milan
  • Thursday 24th – London
  • Friday 25th – Amsterdam
  • Saturday 26th – Brussels

Check Serge’s blog for updated information on these events and locations.

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8 Responses to European Flex 3 pre-release tour

  1. Waiting to see when you will come to Lisbon… 😉

    Have a big 2008!!!

  2. macarena says:

    what about sweden?

  3. Hey Andrew,

    How about Bucharest, Romania ? 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll get a warm welcome at the new Adobe Office here.


  4. Leo says:

    Hello Andrew!

    Thank you again for coming to Russia, it was fun and enjoyable experience to hear from you and Enrique.
    Looking forward to your post about visiting Moscow and other cities of Russia.

  5. Constantiner says:

    Great presentation in Moscow! Thanks! It is very pity about your Macbook 😦

  6. Hi Andrew.

    mini- site for istanbul tour here

    see u 🙂

  7. Andrew, your presentation in Moscow was excellent. Thank you a lot for answering the questions from Russian Flash community (and my questions too)!

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